Best References for Anthropology Students, Part 2: Videos

This is Part 2 in a multiple part series. Check out Part 1 here.

For both new and veteran anthropology students (and really any students), videos can be a great resource for learning about and reviewing key concepts from your coursework.

Readings are great and necessary for gaining in-depth knowledge, but sometimes you just want someone to break down the concepts for you in a simple format. These are some of the best video resources I recommend for anthropology students.

Best References for Anthropology Students

Part 2: Videos


Anthropology and the Question of Race by The Great Courses Plus

This video does an excellent job of explaining how race is viewed in anthropology, and why race is a social construct. It focuses on how anthropologist Franz Boas shaped the ideas of race that are now generally accepted in anthropology and other social sciences.


Pierre Bourdieu: Theory of Capital (Social and Cultural Capital) by Olivia Kon

This ten minute video breaks down Bourdieu’s theory of capital with cute illustrations and clear narration. I used the theory of capital in my master’s thesis, and it is generally a need-to-know piece of theory for all anthropology students.


Clifford Geertz: The Interpretation of Cultures (The Balinese Cockfight) by Then and Now

Speaking of need-to-know theory, Geertz is another super important figure in the history of anthropology. His theories on the interpretation of cultures and thick descriptions are still used to guide research and ethnography writing today.


Qualitative analysis of interview data: A step-by-step guide by Kent Löfgren

I used this video when I was beginning the process of coding my interview data from my master’s thesis project. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the possibilities buried in my interview transcripts, and I needed to streamline the coding process. This video was just what I needed.


Analyzing Qualitative Data by Hilary Nixon

Rounding out this list is a very comprehensive overview of qualitative data analysis. QDA is one of the core skills that anthropologists use in their research. This video outlines all of the important terminologies and methods that go with the process (themes, coding etc).


Anthropology students past and present — what resources help you the most in your school or daily life? Leave a comment!





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