About Me

Who is the Cultural Courier?

Madeline Fink Fletcher 


  • Anthropologist: M.S. in Applied Anthropology from the University of North Texas.
Me, December 2018
  • A writer on a mission: Writer, researcher (qualitative, ethnography) and blogger.
  • Wayfarer: Has traveled to Costa Rica, South Korea, China, Japan and Russia. Wants to travel to many more places.
  • On location: Currently based in the Dallas-Fort. Worth area of Texas, U.S.A. Loves blending global concepts with local concepts.
  • Life-long student: Can be found reading books, Googling random topics and watching documentaries. Possesses a constant thirst for knowledge. (If you have topic you would like to see me research and write about, please contact me!)

I want this blog to appeal to anthropologists and non-anthropologists alike. I want my posts to be something that anthropologists can share with their friends to help explain and highlight their passion. I want people of all backgrounds to be able to contribute and comment their opinions on the issues I write about.

After all, anthropology is the study of humanity, and we are all human.

Thank you for visiting my blog.