Everyday Anthropology: Environmental Justice

Environmental justice centers around the belief that all people have a right to a healthy living environment and fair treatment through environmental laws and regulations. In addition, environmental justice persists because of the existence of environmental injustices—ways that environmental issues such as pollution and natural disasters disproportionately affect vulnerable and disadvantaged people. … More Everyday Anthropology: Environmental Justice


Everyday Anthropology: Space vs. Place

In anthropology, as well as in geography and other disciplines, there is a concept of “Space” vs. “Place.”

Space is location, physical space and physical geography.

Place is what gives a space meaning, “personality” and a connection to a cultural or personal identity. It is the culturally ascribed meaning given to a space. It is the “vibe” that you get from a certain space, and it exists for a reason. … More Everyday Anthropology: Space vs. Place